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Residential Solutions

Do you need a simple system to filter the water from your kitchen tap? We have you covered. Do you need to eliminate problems like bad smelling or “rusty” water from the water supply to you whole house? We have a solution for that too! (For your home we offer water filtration systems from a single under-counter drinking water filter to whole house filtration.)
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    Hot, Cold, Room Temperature or Sparkling Water

    Perhaps you prefer one of our floor model or countertop dispensers offering filtered (Fresh Squeezed) hot, cold or even sparkling water would suit your lifestyle. Whatever your preference we will work out a solution for you. Have a look at just some of the options below.
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    • Rental or outright purchase

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    • How often will DWC change my filters?

      • - The frequency will depend on the type of water cooler and filters you are using.
      • - Speak to your David today to find out more
    • My drip tray is overflowing, what should I do?

      Drip trays are not drains and need to be emptied every so often.
    • My water dispenser has slow flow or is not dispensing water at all, what should I do?

      Troubleshooting may include:
      • - Checking your building water has not been shut off by running water in your sink.
      • - Check the water cooler’s line to ensure it doesn’t have any kinks
      • - Check the back of your water cooler to make sure the button is “ON”
      • - If your cooler is still not dispensing water please email or call to request customer service
    • Why should I choose bottleless water rather than bottled water?

      At The Drinking Water Company we are committed to providing you savings in time, convenience, and of course, doing our part for the environment too! Bottleless water is not only better for your wallet, it is better for your health and the earth.
    • How is bottleless water better for the earth?

      Bottled water is terrible for the environment
      • - Trucks idling on our city streets polluting our air
      • - Manufacturing uses millions of litres of fuel, and hundreds of millions of hours of electricity and wastes millions of litres of water PER YEAR
      • - Over 30 million kilograms of plastic waste goes into landfills PER YEAR
        • Bottleless Fresh Squeezer Water TM is great for the environment
          • - By replacing just ONE traditional water cooler jug, you are positively impacting our earth to the tune of planting more than 100 trees a year.
          • - We recommend using a reusable water container to drink our Fresh Squeezed Water
          • - Our personal favourites include stainless steel bottles and glass reusable containers
    • How much money will I save?

      • - You can be sure you will save money *compared to bottled water coolers
      • - And the savings get bigger and bigger every year
      • - Call Larry now to discuss your needs and get the best deal available
    • How are the coolers installed?

      They are installed directly into your main water supply. Call Larry or David today to discuss your unique needs and start planning an installation for your home, office or healthcare facility.
    • How long does installation take?

      Typically less than 2 hours, however for very complex installations our team will work with you to determine how long to expect.
    • How often will my machine be serviced?

      • - Typically once a year of more depending on your usage
      • - Servicing includes replacing your filters free of charge
      • - For sparkling water, you will get between 500-1000 cups of sparkling water from your current C02 tank. When you need replacement we will happily do so *a nominal fee is charged
    • How much will servicing cost?

      Annual service and filter changes are included in your rental agreement
    • How much does C02 replacement tanks cost

      • - Call Larry now to discuss details
      • - You can be confident this is much cheaper than other kitchen appliance sparkling water systems
    • What are your COVID 19 protocols?

      • - Our team is fully vaccinated and always follow best Public Health Practices.
      • - We wear surgical masks at all times, and when circumstances require, we use N99, KN95s and face shields depending on the circumstances.
      • - We do COVID screening daily for all staff and will postpone services if there is a risk of exposure.
      • - We do ask for your COVID protocols before entering your building and will work closely with you for the safety of our customers and staff.
    • Do you provide cream and sugar with your coffee systems?

      Yes! We offer an added service of breakroom supplies delivery. Just ask Larry
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