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DWC 3T – Electro Tri-Temp

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DWC 3T - Electrotemp

Extra large reservoir and record amounts of truly hot & cold water
  • Operational reservoir volume of 2 Gallons / 8 Litres
  • A large block of ice keeps the water clos to freezing, maintaining the coldest temperature possible
  • Steaming hot water coming out of the faucet is kept at a steady 194°F / 90° C temperature. Perfect for tea, instant coffee and soups
  • Biofilm bacteria gives a dirty taste. Self Cleaning uses reactive oxygen to clean the cooler, breaking apart biofilm bacteria. It runs automatically and seamlessly, keeping water fresh and clean.
  • Leak Stop - Equiped with a mechanical leak stop to help prevent floods. Activates and shuts off the cooler's incoming water supply when a leak is detected.