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Filtration Advantages

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Drink clean.

‘Fresh Squeezed Water’ – Generally our tap water is fine to drink but factors like ageing pipes, chemical tastes and odours and other environmental issues can make our water quality less certain. We offer a wide range of filtration options to suit your requirements.

Whether it’s just to get rid of excessive calcium clogging your pipes and appliances, or chlorine and other unwanted chemicals, or bacterial spores or heavy metals, we have the correct filters for the job. For peace of mind and healthy, great-tasting water all of our dispensers filter your water as it’s needed and that’s why we call it ‘Fresh Squeezed Water’!

Save time. Save space. Avoid workplace injuries. Avoid contamination.

The days of the water cooler with the giant 5 gallon (20 litre) plastic jug on top are numbered. No longer will you need to order bottles (or run out of water because someone forgot to order), or schedule a convenient delivery time, or have a delivery person walking around your workplace with a load of heavy bottles.

No more precious space used to store large water bottles. No more (dirty?) hands on the bottle neck. No more injuries from lifting a 20kg bottle (they are heavy and awkward to handle!) on to the water dispenser. No more slipping hazards from water spillage because some always splashes around.

Save the Environment. Save our Planet.

‘Think Outside the Bottle’ – The Earth is ‘drowning’ in plastic. Less than 10% of the plastic bottles and containers are being recycled. The rest are piling up in our landfills or choking our oceans and waterways. The impact on people and our wildlife is massive.

Not only are our precious habitats being overrun by plastic waste but fish and other animals are ingesting plastic particles which threatens our food-chain and impacts the health of all living creatures. That’s why we work hard to help our customers to Think Outside the Bottle. For ourselves. For our kids. For our planet.

Save Money. Reduce our carbon footprint.

The idea of water of uncertain quality being pumped into plastic bottles (of uncertain cleanliness) being loaded onto large delivery trucks which drive around to deliver to multiple locations daily, is costly, both in terms of our carbon footprint and in terms of our budget.

Not only will our plumbed-in systems dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your workplace you will also see savings of 30% – 80% of your water costs.

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For Fresh Squeezed Water, Think Outside the Bottle!
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