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It makes good sense to use a bottleless water cooler from us

To regulate temperature and maintain other functions of our body our cells, organs and tissues need water.

What’s missing from The Drinking Water Company’s filtered water?

Our first priority is no need to bother our customers since we promised them we would deliver our product in proper time.

DWC Barista A

For Businesses Previous Next DWC Barista A Gorgeous modern design. Larger unit for larger workplaces of 50 + employees. Silver, grey and black countertop coffee barista Plumbed in, filtered water Crafts perfect coffees, real-leaf teas, lattes, cappuccinos, premium hot chocolate, authentic espressos Built for the workplace – industrial grade, low maintenance High pressure brew creates […]

DWC Touchless Sparkling, Hot, Cold and Ambient

For Businesses For Residential Previous Next DWC Touchless Sparkling, Hot, Cold and Ambient Gorgeous silver and grey design, perfect for home or office Countertop or freestanding Specialized 0.5 micron Carbon+ filtration Quench your thirst with Bluetooth Touchless dispensing Ideal for infection control at home and at work Special ice technology gives you endless cold water […]

DWC Barista B

DWC Barista B Plumbed in, filtered water. Drip filtered coffee – multiple blends, flavours and options available. Large and small carafe options – excellent for busy break rooms and staff lounges with over 50 staff Serve fresh coffee on time with countdown timer options Multiple coffee options – blends, hot chocolate, tea Hot water faucet […]


DWC Ice Freestanding elegant black design with LED illumination. Up to 20lbs of crushed or cubed ice a day 2-Temp system dispenses hot (185F/85C) or ambient water Hot faucet safety lock Hygienic dispensing touch pad with no touch dispensing Unlimited supply of fresh water when you need it 1, 2 or 3 stage carbon filtration […]

DWC 3T – Electro Tri-Temp

DWC 3T – Electrotemp Tri-Temp Self-Cleaning Extra large reservoir and record amounts of truly hot & cold water Operational reservoir volume of 2 Gallons / 8 Litres A large block of ice keeps the water clos to freezing, maintaining the coldest temperature possible Steaming hot water coming out of the faucet is kept at a […]

DWC Creation A

Previous Next DWC Creation A Plumbed in, filtered water. Smaller unit for smaller workplaces of 20 + employees. Industrial grade, low-maintenance Brews delicious coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate in under a minute LCD menu, intuitive brewing experience We offer a pickup service to recycle your pods when we drop off new coffee Multiple […]