Height: 40.5"
Width: 13.5"
Depth: 16.0"
Water Connection: 1/4" Tubing
Electrical Supply: 120V/60Hz
Amps: 7.6 amps (hot/cold)

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water - Drink 8 a Day

Health care professionals recommend that the average person drink 8 - eight ounce servings of water every day. Unfortunately, over 2,100 contaminants have been identified as potential threats to the drinking water supply. A point-of-use water treatment system is ideal for consumers concerned about their local water quality, or who are simply looking to have better tasting water.

a Fresh approach and New Look

The innowave WL100 brings value and a new look, to point-of-use. Unlike bottled water coolers, incoming tap water is filtered as it's needed, so the water is always fresh and great tasting. The innowave WL100 has a cooling capacity that surpasses that of the ordinary bottled water cooler, so you are sure to get a cold, refreshing glass of water every time. The WL100 nozzle features anti-bacterial protection with BioCote®.

Filtration technology enhances Drinking water

The innowave WL100 uses 2-stage multi-filtration to treat drinking water. First, a 1-micron Carbon Block filter reduces contaminants as small as 1-micron. The 1-micron filter has been tested and certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI-53 for cyst reduction. Next, a 10-micron Granular Activated Carbon filter reduces chlorine andpolishes taste. The 10-micron filter has been tested and certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI-42 for the reduction of taste and odor, and chlorine reduction.

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